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4 min readAug 20, 2018


I’m Lisa and I’m a twentysomething Londoner. I love history and art and I’m really interested in seeing how different people and places share histories with others.
What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of history? As you ponder on that, I’ll explain why history is my passion (and the whole point of my blog)…

Going to exhibitions is one way I learn about history, people, culture and art. Afterwards my mind is buzzing with new information and I want to share this with someone. I enjoy talking to people about history but I find (some) people aren’t always interested because they think it’s “boring”, “unrelatable” or “irrelevant” — and I can actually see where they’re coming from. At school (and uni) teachers weren’t always the most engaging and the way history was (and still is) taught is not relatable for a lot people.

I studied history from GCSE to uni and I personally experienced the heavy focus on the Western World. There was little attention paid to the many communities and cultures in the West or the wider world more generally. This is a sad reality as potential areas of learning are being overlooked. Because of this, I don’t think history has been given a fair chance for people to want to engage. But this is a perspective I hope people will reconsider through reading my blog. So I won’t just be writing about history, art or culture. I’ll also be critiquing how these histories have been told and if there are noticeable gaps — such as excluding certain voices — which should be addressed.

In a way, I’m doing parts of my job here — I’m a Curator — but this blog means something more. You see, I want to engage in conversations around history, art and culture with people who are passionate about learning and sharing knowledge in creative ways. So if this sounds good to you, I’m looking forward to our future interactions 😊

I’ll be writing about:

· My visits to cultural spaces (like museums or galleries) in the UK and on my travels abroad

· Exhibitions and performances of different artforms

· My experiences whilst travelling: highs and lows

I’ll be posting weekly on Saturday mornings.

I’m big on conversations so please do ask questions, share your thoughts or disagreements about my posts in the comments. If you’d prefer to get in touch via email I can be reached on Saturdays 9–10am at: insideheritage@gmail.com. If you think I’ve missed or overlooked something I’d appreciate the feedback. All I ask is that you are respectful to others, when engaging with one another.

The goal of this blog is short and sweet — to encourage more connections with history.
For example, if you:

· Responded to a comment on my blog and you shared a link to further information — that’s a connection.

· Shared my blog post with someone who’s writing an essay/paper or working on a project that relates to the post — that’s a connection.

· Are reminded about something your parents/friend/ partner said after reading my blog and that inspires you to call or see them in person — that’s a connection.

In all honesty, I see this blog as a way of making more connections with people who see the value of history.

Who wants to join me on this journey?



Lisa @Heritage_io

Hi I’m Lisa | Based in Brum, UK | Writer | Blogging to challenge the idea that history, art, culture and heritage is irrelevant| Twitter & IG: @heritage_io