Tenerife: Highs and Lows

Views from our hotel, Author’s own image (2022).


Masca Valley

Masca Valley, Author’s ow image (2022).
Mountain views whilst driving in Masca Valley, Author’s own image (2022).
My bestie and I enjoying the peace and quiet in Masca Valley, Author’s own image (2022).
Quick stop at Mount Teide, Author’s own image (2022).
Travels to the North of Tenerife, Author’s own image (2022).


Even though Tenerife has not been a bucket list destination on my radar, being there opened my eyes to why it appeals to a lot of people. The temperature is decent, it’s quite cheap as package holiday goes and sitting by the pool or beach is popular out here. Within saying that, I guess this experience reminded me of why I like to travel in the first place and what sort of experiences I am looking for abroad — to explore new cultures authentically.



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Lisa @Heritage_io

Lisa @Heritage_io

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